Pokie machines are just another type of slot machines. Playing a pokie machine is quite simple it entails putting some money in the machine through the note and coin acceptor. After inserting the money, all you need to do is interact with the game through a variety of buttons located below the screen. No secret combinations, tricks or unique formulas can help you win in a game of pokies. However, here are simple tips for someone who has never played pokies.


All pokie machines feature a series of buttons that are used when interacting with the game. If you are new to playing pokies, you will be surprised at how easy you get to wrap your head around the game.

Top row buttons

The collect button on the pokie machine is used for taking your money out of the machine. Pushing this button will do one of two things. It can either initiate the coin drop from the hopper or display a call attendant message and in this case, a gaming employee will pay the win. The remaining five buttons are used when making credit bets per line.

Bottom row buttons

The leading button in the lower row of a pokie machine can be used for two different functions. Pressing the button will book the machine for three minutes. The other function allows you to take your win or stop it from accumulating. The other buttons are used for making lines per spin.

Spinning the reels

Once you have figured out how the buttons work, you need to be aware of how to use them. Immediately you insert money into the machine, select your wager per line. However, this should happen before you choose the number of lines you will bet on since all the betting line buttons activate the game. Once the game is activated, the reels will now begin spinning.

Online guides

There are a lot of online guides available for online gaming. One recommended source of reviews are CasinoGuide.NZ, they test a wide range of pokies for Kiwi players. Check it out!