Amazing facts on the Whanganui River Map

According to the Whanganui River map, Whanganui is a big river located in the Island region North of New Zealand. Despite being the third longest river in the country, the Whanganui enjoys a special status which was acquired due to the region’s importance to the Maori community. According to the Whanganui River map, the river begins at Mount Tongariro before traveling through the Whanganui National Park and eventually returning to sea in the city. In the beginning of the 20th century, the river was among the top New Zealand’s tourist attractions mainly because of its scenic beauty and the Maori settlements which dotted the river’s banks.

The geography of the river

With about 290 kilometers, Whanganui River is New Zealand’s longest navigable river. As per the Whanganui River map, the river’s upper reach features a dense rainforest leading to more deeper incised gorges. The steep river banks are decorated by rare native plants and ferns. During morning hours, mist clings to the surface of the river’s water. Despite the river passing through the Whanganui National Park, it doesn’t belong to the park.

The Whanganui journey

The Whanganui River map features a 145 km journey popularly known as Whanganui Journey. The trip is made by use of a canoe from Taumarunui to Pipiriki. The Whanganui journey takes an estimated five days to complete.

It’s legal identity

The Whanganui River became the second natural resource in the world to be given its own legal identity in March 2017. The river has the liabilities, duties, and rights, of a legal person. The Whanganui River map suggests that two members will equally represent the river. The government will appoint one of them while the Maori community will appoint the other one.

The Whanganui River map is an essential tool for any newcomer to the region. It will help you find the best places to spend your recreational time.

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