Getting from Auckland to Wanganui: Driving vs Flying Which is Better

The distance from Auckland to Wanganui is about 447 kilometers. If you are taking a nonstop drive this should take about 5 hours and 13 minutes. However, driving for five hours might be a little unrealistic since you might want to make stops along the way for either food, gas or to use the restroom. Flying is another great option but the downside of it is it kills the fun and excitement of being on the road. Here is a comparison between flying and driving from Auckland to Whanganui, the choice is ultimately yours.

Overall cost

When comparing the cost of getting from Auckland to Wanganui, driving is ultimately the cheaper option. This is because the cost of buying an air ticket will be more expensive as compared to buying gas. This is even more costly if your trip involves more than one person.

Distance and speed

When it comes to distance, traveling by flight is shorter than traveling by road thus flying is more convenient. The flight distance from Auckland to Wanganui is 343 kilometers while the driving distance is 447 kilometers. The total amount of time it takes to get from Auckland to Wanganui via flight is 4 hours. This includes driving to the airport in Auckland, check in and wait time, flight duration, and driving from the airport in Wanganui to your destination. Whereas the total time taken driving nonstop from Auckland to Wanganui is more than 5 hours.

The score

Flying from Auckland to Wanganui registers a lower score which is better, thus flying is the better option. However, if you want a more interesting option then you should go with driving from Auckland to Wanganui. This way you will get to see a lot of things while en route and you can make stop overs whenever you want.

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