Interesting Things to See Travelling From Wellington to Wanganui

Based on average driving speed, travel time from Wellington to Wanganui is 2.5 hours if you are driving under normal conditions. The approximate distance from Wellington to Wanganui is 188 kilometers. One of the easiest ways to reach Wanganui from Wellington is by using the Kapiti Coast route. This route offers plenty of interesting things to see along the way and below are some of them.


Wellington is where your journey begins, this city is not only cultured and compact but also full of character. Wellington is curled up between the hills and the harbour making the downtown area ideal for exploration on foot. You will find all kinds of shops in Wellington but mostly you might enjoy the city’s museums, restaurants and cafes. Musical, dance and theater performances are the city’s best spots. The Capital also have a great casino that are reviewed by, a site that test all Kiwi casinos.

Kapiti Island

If you travelling from Wellington to Wanganui then the Kapiti crossroad is the best since it has a lot going for it. Kapiti Island which can be found offshore from Waikanae is a nature reserve especially for close encounters with birds. Other local attractions include a gourmet cheese factory and a museum.


About 95 kilometers north of Wellington is a town known as Levin. The town of Levin boasts of two beautiful dune lakes and a thriving clothing industry. There are plenty of other factory shops located in the area.


While on your way, you will come across a small town known as Foxton. Here, you can get to watch the wading birds found in estuary. Foxton is known the town of Bulls and its famous for its antique shops.


The journey from Wellington to Wanganui ends at this picturesque river city, whose history is both long and rich. Once in Wanganui take your time exploring the restored heritage areas before going for an expedition on Wanganui River, get to top of Durie by taking the tunnel and elevator.

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