Outdoor Activities Suitable in the Whanganui Weather

The city of Whanganui enjoys a temperate climate. It’s sunshine is slightly above the national average accounting for 2100 hours per annum. The area also experiences an annual rainfall of 900mm of rainfall per annum. This kind of Whanganui weather makes it ideal for a number of outdoors activities. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, here are a number of activities you can enjoy doing in the Whanganui weather.

Boating and Sailing

The Whanganui weather is ideal for boating and sailing. You can charter a boat and feast your eyes on the magnificent scenery as well as the bird and marine life. Enjoy yourself as you set sail in the tranquil waters of the Whanganui River.


Cycling is yet another interesting outdoor activity that can be of interest to you especially in the Whanganui weather. The city offers a wide selection of attractions and cycling activities. With numerous cycling tracks and mountain bike trails coupled up with the city’s superb scenery you will never get bored.

Hiking and guided walks

The Whanganui weather is perfect for guided walks, trekking, hiking and tramping. The city features walking tracks that are either multi day walks or short walks. You can also opt for the private guided walking tours or public walking trails, it’s really a matter of preference. If you are looking for a more strenuous activity, consider putting on your hiking the tramping trails that surround Whanganui . Whatever option you choose walking around the Whanganui weather will help you enjoy the city’s local attractions, nature and scenic views.

Whanganui weather is ideal for a plethora of activities especially if you are an outdoorsy person. The natural scenic beauty is just a sight for sour eyes. An ideal weather combined with natural beauty and an endless selection of activities is something you don’t want to miss out.

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