Things You Should Know Before Taking the Whanganui Journey

Whether you travel by canoe or kayak, the Whanganui Journey is a river journey that is taken along the Whanganui River. With a length of 145km, the Whanganui Journey takes an estimated five days to complete. The route, which is managed under the Great Walks programme by the Department of Conservation in New Zealand, starts at Taumarunui before ending at Pipiriki. Here is some useful information you need to need to know before taking the journey.

Plan well for your trip

If you’re thinking about taking the Whanganui Journey, take some time to seek local knowledge about the journey. This will help you plan your route and to know the amount of time you expect it to take. Planning ahead of your trip is essential because it will help you equip yourself properly before taking the journey.

Check the latest information on weather conditions

Weather conditions in New Zealand can be quite unpredictable. Therefore, you should brace yourself in case the weather changes and be well prepared for anything. When taking the Whanganui Journey, be cautious since heavy downpour and flooding can happen at any time of the year. Prepare yourself to take on windy, rain and cold conditions.

Carry sufficient supplies

Before taking the Wanganui Journey ensure that you are self-sufficient. As mentioned earlier the journey takes five days, therefore make sure that you have an abundant supply of equipment, clothing, food. This will come in handy in case of a crisis. Since cell phones don’t work on the Whanganui Journey, ensure that you have the right communication devices. A good example of such is a Personal Locator Beacon, which can be rented from a number of outlets.

The Whanganui Journey is a fantastic trip that takes you along the Whanganui River introducing you to the region’s scenic beauty.

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