Three Important Things to Know About Whanganui High School

With over 1500 students and about 150 teachers and support staff, Whanganui High School is a modern co-educational school. It is located in the Whanganui – Manawatu region of Whanganui, New Zealand. The school occupies about 12 hectares which includes 12 single storey teaching blocks. The institution features a modern library, the gymnasiums, sports turf, a whare, performing arts area, extensive sports fields, Te Atawhai Unit, plain courts, and a canteen.

Learning Environment

Whanganui High School caters for students in Years 9 to 13. The school offers a wide curriculum including performing arts, outdoor learning opportunities, and educational pursuits. The school formally recognizes and celebrates academic, sporting, and cultural successes. Community members get information about student learning and school activities as well. They are also able to voice their opinions through consultations and surveys.


The curriculum used in Whanganui High School is very effective to an extent that most students are able to achieve academic success. The curriculum also helps students to excel in their chosen fields of interest. Students at Whanganui High School are offered a wide range of activities and programs. The school also provides individual education plans for special needs students in conjunction with their parents, specialists agencies and whanau. The students who are in need of extra learning support get assistance from teacher’s aides within their classrooms.

Performance and Stewardship

Stewardship and board planning is properly focused on doing what is best for Whanganui High School students. Associated plans together with tasks and commitments listed in the charter helps the school to identify what is required for improvement. When students have a clear view of what is expected of them in order to succeed, the general performance is improved. On the other hand, the school needs to clearly communicate its vision for improvement and high performance.

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